Ambex is a company founded in Latvia which aims to provide a wide range of technical solutions and support to small and medium-sized companies and people who want to make their activities visible in the Internet.

Ambex offers high-quality website design development with a convenient content management system, various modern technical solutions. We provide hosting, technical support and training, help to register a domain and ensure that project development is as fast as possible meeting your  deadlines.
We make sure that your website is not only beautiful, but also convenient, easy to understand and SEO friendly. We create a design from scratch or adjust and supplement projects which have already started. 

The idea for our company came from the recognition that there is a big opportunity to provide great added value in this area supporting start-ups as well as companies whivh have been forced to make a rapid transition to the Internet these days.

The name of our company comes from combining the word “amber” with the letter X. Amber is one of the riches of Latvia, and X symbolizes the technology and various opportunities which Ambex is pleased to offer.

The company’s team consists of experienced specialists in the field, who are excited to create the best technological solutions believing in Ambex’s goals and vision.

About us