How are the websites created

💡 Before makint a decision to create a website it is useful to know exactly how to create a website step by step.
Knowing the steps in creating a website and their rationale will make it much easier to define your goals and needs and to communicate exactly what you want to see, change or improve on your website.
In order to publish the website and make it available to users 3 things are needed:
What is actually a website?
A website is a collection of web pages, images, and other elements that are connected together to form a larger structured document that is publicly available on the Internet. The home page can be compared to a book and specific pages to the pages of a book. All the web pages and other elements are added, published and stored on the website server.
What is a domain?
A domain is the address of a website that a user enters into a web browser to open that website. For example, the domain of the Ambex website is Each website has its own unique domain.
There are domains and subdomains. For example, subdomains of would be in the form
Several companies that offer the opportunity to create their own websites, in the free version offer to keep your website only on the subdomain. While a subdomain is a normal way to provide access to your website, it also has its disadvantages such as the fact that domains are more SEO-friendly, as both Google and Bing prioritize domains over subdomains.
What is a server?
A server is a computer or multiple computers which store your data. In order for your website to be accessible at any time the server must always be switched on and connected to the Internet.
Although it is physically possible to set up and maintain a server at home, it requires a lot of resources (electricity, internet) to ensure that the server is always available and turned on, so it is much more convenient and profitable to rent server space from a hosting company which ensures all technical support for you.
☑️Ambex offers to facilitate this process for you and provides website creation, a domain and server connection.
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